Considering buying a home? But where to start? Figuring out the steps can be daunting, so Daily Realty Group has put together this handy checklist for helping you on your way!


First, do your neighborhood research


  • Are all the services you need available (i.e. high-speed internet, cell phone coverage, access to medical services, handicapped accessibility, public transportation)?
  • Does the neighborhood meet your needs for safety?
  • Are home values in the neighborhood stable or increasing?
  • If you have kids, how do the schools in the area rate?
  • Determine your budget. Does your budget allow for purchase in the neighborhood—is it affordable?
  • How long is the commuting distance to work?

Get Pre-Approved


  • Connect with a mortgage lender to determine what loan level you qualify for. You’ll need to have your credit report pulled and provide proof of income (typically tax records, pay stubs, W-2’s, and any other documents such as child support rulings, may be requested), and proof of assets.
  • Getting pre-approved for a loan can put you in a better position as a buyer, particularly if there is competition for a property.


Now that you’ve determined your budget, gotten preapproved and picked some neighborhoods, it’s time for the house hunt.

House Hunting


Now that you’ve determined your budget, gotten preapproved and picked some neighborhoods, it’s time for the house hunt.


  • Begin your search with our home search tools, which will allow you to choose your neighborhood or region, pick your price range, and filter by a large range of personalized criteria.
  • Schedule time with one of our Daily Realty Group agents to see your chosen listings.
  • Does the home meet your needs—does it have enough square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, acreage, etc.?
  • Are there any defects that will add to the cost of the home? Are there unpermitted additions or modifications?
  • Is the home in an environmentally vulnerable place (i.e. flood or earthquake zone or wetland)?
  • Check for zoning laws that might create problems (i.e. if you plan to run a home business)

Make an Offer


  • Once you’ve identified your dream home and decided it seems affordable, your next step is to ask your Daily Realty agent to make a written offer on your behalf. This typically requires an “earnest money” deposit. Most contracts will have contingencies that allow for inspections, loan approval, appraisals and feasibility study results to give the buyer an out if necessary.

Do Your Due Diligence


  • Once your offer has been accepted, you’ll want to make sure there are no obstacles to purchasing the home.
  • You’ll want to hire an inspector to identify any potential problems with the home including structural issues, plumbing, electrical, etc.
  • Do a title search. You’ll need to make sure there are no problems with title that may stop or delay the sale.
  • Review disclosures. By law, a seller is obligated to disclose any known defects.
  • Get an appraisal. If you’re borrowing, banks will require an appraisal, but even if you’re paying cash it’s a good idea.

Final Steps


  • If you’ve decided to move forward, you’ll work with your lender to secure loan approval.
  • Shortly before closing, you’ll do a final walk-through to make sure the property is as you expect it (and that the seller hasn’t altered it, removed fixtures or agreed-upon appliances, or left garbage or debris). You’ll also be able to make sure any negotiated fixes have been completed.